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A few wonderful coffee moments…

As a lover of food and coffee, quality matters! Lately I am on a rockin’ expresso kick and have had a couple of epic coffee experiences!

Image       Image


The first of which can be found at Short Cake Bakery inside The Original Los Angeles Farmers Market…

I ordered a Caramel Latte, here’s why I loved it…

The latte art made me smile, and was perfect.

The foam was thick and creamy, the perfect amount. Not too much, not too little.

The coffee strong and overall super smooth. Lots of depth in flavor.


I can not wait to go back and have another one when I am in the area!


The next amazing cup of Joe I had recently was at a girls Bible Study day we had near my house. We actually crashed one of our friends cute cottage hideaway homes just a few miles away and never wanted to leave because she served us expresso from this… 



My birthday is in 6 days and Christmas is just around the corner and I’m saving up! This machine makes the BEST cup of at home expresso I have had! Excited to own one myself in the near future!


Happy Tuesday guys and happy coffee drinking. (as I blog and sip my coffee).






Cream filled Cannoli Memories












IMG_2142Cream filled Cannoli Memories

About three years ago, my family traveled back home to where my husband and I grew up in Michigan and I had one of the most fun days that I still think back on often and smile. It was Cannoli making day with my grandma Beauvais. She was from a line of Sicilians, short, spunky, always smiling, and as her name suggest just by being Mary, she always found time for others. I had no idea how far impacting her character would be until I had a couple children of my own and I try to balance the demands of mothering and cooking for my family and just life in general and all it brings.

You see, most of us find ourselves remembering life events around the food that was there, what we ate, who was there sharing the meal. This is why I am SO passionate about family time in the kitchen, around the table. I want our boys, now 1yr old and 4 yrs old, to grow up and remember silly laughs around our table, hard conversations about tough days, and unconditional reassurance of love all while eating my “made with love” food. This is how I will leave a legacy just like the pictures of this amazing woman Mary Beauvais did in my life. I love her and miss her but I smile at all the happy memories and all the yummy food and fun we had together. Really, when you think about it, together is the best place to be.

A trip to Claro’s Italian Market…

My grandma Mary Josephine Bacarella Beauvais was one amazing Italian woman! She instilled in me a love for cooking and baking and making sure I don’t waste but get every last drop of ingredients into the mix. Her biscotti and canolli were undoubtedly the best on the face of the planet and her pasta amazing as well. All of these memories and influences made me especially excited to check out a little gem here in Orange County called Claro’s Italian Market. Where I will tell you the coldcut and cheese counter alone will make you salivate!! My grandma first introduced me to an Italian coldcut called Capocollo and I found some there. I picked up some of their homemade Sweet Italian Sausage (which I’ll use one night this week in a dinner) and their hot and fresh ready to go meatballs were out of this world. We ended up grabbing some groceries and stuff for lunch and ate it right there on the spot! Such a lovely little experience. I will be back!








It’s My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday! It started with a run with Emily Copeland which was suppose to be 7 miles long but about 2.5 miles in we hit major downpours and we were worried our iphones would be no more with all the water getting to them so we called my hubby to pick us up! I seriously rang my shirt and hair out. It was a blast but I was shivering and very wet!

After a warm shower, my adorable husband made me eggs, toast and fruit. He also has been working on a these cupcakes creations for me. So utterly cute….especially because I love to cook and bake so much that he never has to do it but it was so sweet today to see him do it for me! I am blessed with the best husband and little boy a person can have. So thankful for life and the everyday joys God gives me! Tonight Eddie is taking me out to dinner to a surprise location which I will have to post about tomorrow to let you all know what I ate, where it was, ambiance, the whole nine….so stay tuned!


Eat here not there….

Well folks if you are EVER, and I mean ever, in California, do yourself a huge favor and eat at Claim Jumper Restaurant. The food and service is amazing and I would like to think of myself as a food connoisseur, so trust me! Here’s a cool insider tip…the dessert pictured below, (which I happened to share today with two others at lunch) Is exclusively served at the Claim Jumper in Brea, CA! It is one of the best desserts on the planet. It is called the Chocolate Calzone, so good it needed a shout out on the blog! Gooey melted chocolate amidst oozing marshmallow fluff warm and melted in the most perfect blanket of crisp dough, wrapped and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle! Holy Cow! It’s unlike any dessert I’ve tried before…nuff said!

Claim Jumper

190 South State College Boulevard
Brea, CA 92821

The Art of Gelato…

We recently got a whim to go to the beach on a Thursday evening and just drive up the Pacific Coastal Highway and explore. Man, we had a blast! We stopped in at Huntington Beach first. (This is where they tell me the professional surf competitions take place each year.) We spotted this cute food joint on Main St at The Strand and found ourselves out on the patio really enjoying this Hawaiian Cafe called No Ka Oi. I choose Hawaiian pork sliders that were the perfect balance of sweet and tangy and also pulled pork tostadas that had a guacamole cream sauce on top that was out of this world good! We ate off the happy hour menu and were stuffed for $14! 3 people at a sit down dinner with this quality food was a super deal we were thrilled about!

Next we walked along the beach to catch the sunset and ran into a ukulele orchestra serenading us. Picture perfect. Well we thought about heading the 30 or so miles back home at this point, I mean it had been an awesome night but instead we explored some more and decided to try out Food Network Star, Giada De Larentis’ fav spot for authentic gelato, GROM! This was by far, in my book, the best part of the evening! I had the tiramisu gelato and could say the flavor alone far outweighs any kind of icy treat I’ve eaten. The chunks of ladyfinger and the expresso flavor was enough to make me think I had died and gone to heaven!If you are ever in Malibu, check out GROM! Better yet, if you see a gelato shop, stop and give it a try!