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Tuesday Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

If your hands smell like garlic after cooking with it just rub a wedge of lemon on your hands and fingers then wash with warm, soapy water and problem solved!

Never put steak or meat on a skillet or grill cold…it’s best to take the meat out of the fridge a few minutes and let the chill come off before cooking.

When prepping rhubarb, cut using scissors. If you are using a knife and it’s barely dull the skin is stringy and it will pull, it’ll cut more even with scissors.


Tuesday Tips

It’s Tuesday…I love Tuesdays. My boy is in preschool and I get a little down time to be creative, catch up on house stuff or grab lunch with friends. In honor of Tuesdays I thought I’d start a “Tuesdays Tips” to help expand your kitchen and food know how a bit….

*When zesting a lemon, only use the bright yellow on the outside. When it gets to the white part it can be bitter so rotate the lemon as you zest.

*Have a cast iron skillet but it won’t really cook right yet or things are sticking? Try seasoning it. It’s easy…rinse with warm soapy water, cover inside of pan in a little oil and bake in the oven around 375 for an hour. Presto! Cooking with a cast iron skillet actually helps add some iron to your diet! Bonus!

*When buying your ground beef pay attention to the numbers on the package! 80/20 means 80% meat 20 % fat and so on….. Ground round is normally 85/15 and ground sirloin 90/10. Go for ground sirloin and do your arteries a favor!

A great marinade for your steak…

Throw the ingredients pictured below in a ziploc bag sealed for 5-6 hours, grill, and enjoy the amazing flavor! I came up with this the other night and the steak was UH-Mazing! I used a bone in Ribeye for my cut of meat cause it was on sale at my butcher counter that day!

Left to right: Dried basil, olive oil, Teriyaki sauce, salt, pepper, ginger root, garlic cloves, Rib eye steak.

Just thought you should know…

Chilling tomatoes in the fridge ruins their flavor and texture. Instead, put them in your favorite bowl on your counter.

Pinch off the top of your basil plant so it won’t flower; When basil flowers, it stops producing leaves.

Use a few drops of lemon juiceĀ  to take away stinky garlic smell stuck on your hands after cooking. Squeeze out a few drops and rub.

Grapes last much longer when you bring them home from the store if you pick them off the vines, wash, and place dry in a sealed plastic ware dish.

Not your average carrots!

We spend time flavoring our meat and side dishes for dinner but most all the time leave our veggies plain. Why not break the mold with this oh so easy step up next time your cooking some carrots. No matter if you boil, roast, steam, or microwave your carrots, when they are cooked through try this for a great ending and some awesome flavor!

1/4 cup orange juice
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Sea Salt

Stir into hot cooked carrots and enjoy! Simple…shmimple!

Start An Herb Garden….

Spring is here….everyone say woohoo! I have to admit that I am not a green thumb! In fact, I accidentally kill plants most of the time. Believe it or not the picture above is actually my own herb garden for this year! I want to be a rockin home cook that makes delish meals and saves some money doing it….an herb garden accomplishes both of these so the last 4 years I’ve figured out how to do it….here’s why> First, It keeps things fresh. If you have a choice ALWAYS pick fresh. Fresh herbs make the meal….I highly recommend using them!

Secondly, fresh herbs in the grocery store are marked way up! Grow your own and you’ll save yourself some serious money!

As far as how to do it, I think growing herbs from seed packets are a bit risky for beginners so just pick up a plant already workin’. (I just run to somewhere like Home Depot to pick up already started herb plants.) Your job is to give it the right dirt, sun, and water. Boom…. that’s it. Easy!

As far as what to grow here’s some awesome suggestions. my top pic is Basil….this can be pesto, used in sauces, most italian dishes and the list goes on. Second parsley….great in cold summer salads, very versatile. Next in our family is Cilantro. My husband LOVES cilantro. It goes in most Mexican cuisine. Salsa, rice, it’s so yum! There’s also Rosemary and Thyme as well that work great in various chicken dishes!

So why not give it a try? Just start a small little garden box or you can plant herbs as potted plants too. Take your cooking up a notch this spring and use fresh herbs!

Grocery Store Know How!!


Here’s a great tip! When grocery shopping, shop the outside perimeter of your grocery store! This is where everything fresh lives. You can generally make healthier choices by focusing on this and you can keep your bill shorter at the checkout! In the middle is where all the cookies, snacks, and other impulse buys live!
Another way to save $ at the store is to make your list and stick with it! Which brings me back to only going in the middle for the things on your list. Perhaps you need to grab a can of black beans for your veggie and black bean quesadillas, then it’s ok to venture in the middle but always have a plan!!
One last way that can help you save at the store is to be willing to buy what’s on sale. You have to be creative on the spot to think how can I use this for a dinner this week? If it is on sale that week ask yourself….1.) Will we eat this? 2.) Is is truly a savings over what I normally buy?
Don’t give into EXTRA’s that aren’t PRACTICAL items for your family!